Webcast: Using Global Intelligence Data to Prevent Online Fraud and Cybercrime

Friday, December 12, 2014

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Please join ThreatMetrix and SecurityWeek on Thursday, Dec. 18th, 2014 at 1PM ET for a Live Webcast.

Fraud and other forms of cybercrime continue to plague all companies with an online presence, with sophisticated cybercriminals launching attacks on logins, payments, and account origination. Security and fraud prevention professionals are challenged to keep pace with evolving trends and protect against attacks that threaten customers, employees, revenues and data – all without impeding user experience.

Webcast Sponsored by ThreatMetrixKnowing the latest attack trends can help focus your detection and prevention resources to reduce risk and losses.

Attend this webinar to learn how to leverage findings in The ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report, based on actual cybercrime attacks detected during real-time analysis and interdiction of fraudulent account logins, online payments and registrations. This report gathers data from over 850 million monthly transactions, including findings from this year’s Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend.

Topics to be discussed include:

• Attacks by transaction type and industry

• Trends in top attack methods

• Analysis of mobile vs. desktop attacks

• Why global shared intelligence is essential

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